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Plant Design

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Trail Design

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Planning is an important step in the development of facilities. It lays out a road map for future development, sets priorities, and assists in seeking funding sources.

Our landscape architect has completed over 18 master plans throughout Indiana. These master plans include 7 Greenway Plans, 8 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans, Several Park Plans, and Redevelopment Plans.

Plant Design

Plants provide an important function in creating space and providing beauty. They provide shade, block winter winds, direct circulation patterns of people and vehicles, and harmonize the features of buildings and spaces.

Our landscape architect has over 20 years of experience in creating planting plans, plant schedules, and specifications.

Trail Design

Multi-use paths provide connections to destinations and active recreation for users. They bolster economic development, provide health and environmental benefits and lead to a better quality of life for citizens.

Our landscape architect has designed and managed 18 projects for communities throughout Indiana utilizing a variety of funding sources.

Green Infrastructure

Plants and soil can be used to reduce storm water runoff and treat pollutants released from vehicles.

Our landscape architect has designed planting plans with details and specifications for five projects throughout the state of Indiana.

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